Hottest Deck Trends of 2018

//Hottest Deck Trends of 2018

Hottest Deck Trends of 2018

Ahhh, Canada in January. The dog days of winter are on us now, where the pleasantness that was the white snow is now blinding, slippery, cold and frustrating. We like to battle the January blahs by dreaming of having a cold one in the heat of our backyard, enjoying our deck! While we are at it, let’s get excited about the hot new trends to look forward to in the decking world this year!

Each day we will be focusing on Hot new Deck Trends to get you ready to build your Summer Oasis.

The Future Is Here

Composite and PVC decking has finally hit its stride in the past few years. The quality of the product is incredible, and the choices we have in colour, style, and other customization’s is awesome. We carry several of the industries top players in the composite world, and finding something to match, contrast or change the look of your property has never been more customer friendly. Installation techniques are seamless with clean lines, hidden fasteners, and incredible designs ready to be put to work! Tomorrow we will feature another Hot deck Trend!!!

We use only the best composite products below is a sample of colours from Fiberon, Fiberon offers several great colours to choose from.

Mixing colours on a project gives a great modern feel and can customize project even more.

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