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Meet Our Crew

Every custom project we create is backed by passion, family history and expertise. For over a decade, we have found inspiration and satisfaction in creating something beautiful out of something ordinary. With well over 100,000 linear feet of fence, and 50,000 square feet of deck built to date, we are the most experienced and qualified people to work for you and your loved ones. Let’s get started on designing and building your dream project, literally, from the ground up. Meet the team below.

History of Frontier

Frontier was built on a foundation of trust since 2007. From our humble beginnings with just one crew member working out of the trunk of a Honda Civic, to our current 22 employees and seven vehicles, we have prided ourselves on being open, honest, and helpful.

Frontier is the very definition of a family company with Moms, Dads, Uncles, Sons and more, all working towards a common goal of excellent service, and building a legacy. Our staff are highly qualified friends of the family, and treated with respect and integrity. We feel that shows right on through to your backyard. We are always striving to learn about the newest styles, techniques, and comforts, and offer this education to help you create a space that is truly wonderful. Our team is constantly attending product seminars, safety training, and industry classes to keep on top of changes in trends.

From full-time office staff, dedicated design and sales people, qualified construction managers, and enthusiastic installers, call us to find out what we are doing differently, to make you feel like family too.

Jonathan Jagt

Owner and Construction Manager

Jonathan, known by most as “J”, is a co-owner and Construction Manager at Frontier. Alongside his father, John, he runs a skilled crew of highly motivated and proud craftsman. One of Jonathan’s goals with Frontier was to prove that pride of workmanship is still alive and well.  He is often overheard encouraging the crew of installers “to put a personal touch” on a project or “do a little extra” for our customers. Bringing forward 14 years of construction experience, Jonathan is a level-headed and passionate leader. Jonathan is a proud husband and father, and when not at the job site you can find him spending quality time with his own beautiful family.

John Jagt

Co-Owner and Manager of Sales

John Jagt is a proud co-owner and Manager of Sales at Frontier. Working alongside his son, John is proud of Frontier’s continued sales growth and success.

John believes in three simple words his father taught him; SinceritySecurity, and Service. He takes the time to really get to know his customers and believes every customer has a vision or idea. John believes it is his job to bring that vision to life and see it through. He truly enjoys making others happy by creating projects that enrich their outdoor space and bring people together.

John is a proud father to three daughters, two sons and an Opa to seven grandchildren. Being a local business owner, John is actively involved in the community supporting local women’s shelters.

Nancy Jagt

Lead Hand

Nancy is a long standing Lead Hand who has created many beautiful projects over the last seven years that she has worked for Frontier. She is not only dedicated to her job but also to her family. Nancy is the mother of co-owner of Jonathan Jagt and wife to the other co-owner, John Jagt. She is best known for her speedy boarding skills and when it comes to fencing, there is no messing around. When not at work, Nancy can be found playing with her grandchildren who she absolutely loves to spoil.

Gerald Jagt

Construction Lead

Gerald Jagt is a Construction Lead at Frontier, working with the Construction Manager ensuring the crew gets the job done safely and correctly. Gerald joined the team in 2017 and has been a great addition.

Gerald believes in getting the job done right. He is a perfectionist with a strong work ethic and drive that is clearly showcased through his work. Gerald enjoys seeing his finished projects and the joy his work brings to others. Gerald’s creativity and craftsmanship are second to none.
Spending the last 20 years making custom kitchen and bath counters and, prior to that,10 years in landscaping, Gerald decided to take his woodworking hobby and skills and turn it into a career working for his nephew and brother.

When Gerald is not working, he is spending time with his family. He has an amazing wife of 17 years and has been blessed with two daughters, Alyssa and Samantha. In addition, he has a wonderful stepson, Steven and stepdaughter, Tara.

Tammy Palfreyman

Office and HR Manager

Tammy Palfreyman is our Office and Human Resources Manager, working with our customers to ensure them a great project experience every time.

Tammy enjoys making our customers smile when talking to them, whether by phone or email and helping them succeed in building their projects. She feels that every customer and employee should be treated like family. Given that this is a family business, it is important to her to always maintain that family feel.

Tammy is also a big supporter of giving back to the community, especially those who are homeless. She is constantly collecting mittens, coats, and toiletries for the homeless and encourages everyone to help.

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